The flat, oval Contouring Brush makes professional contouring very easy. Thanks to its soft synthetic fibers, the two-tones brush easily glides over every part of your face that you would like to shape with highlights or shadows.

Product details at a glance:
Flat, oval shape
Adjusts perfectly to every part of your face
The brush adjusts perfectly with its extra soft fibers to every part of your face. This way, you can apply your contouring powder with the utmost precision — be it your cheekbones, forehead or nasal wings.
Accurate, precisely dispensed product thanks to tightly bound fibers
Thanks to its tightly bound fibers, the brush gathers the right amount of product up. You can then apply the Contouring Powder evenly and precisely onto the desired parts of your face.
Two-toned synthetic fibers
Durable build and high-quality wooden grip

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